Freediving In Mallorca

We are proud to bring you Freedive Mallorca, a school built on the love of freediving and the ocean. Come experience with us your body’s potential and unlock the door to a whole new underwater world.

Why Freedive with us?

At Freedive Mallorca, we teach freediving in accordance with the Apnea Total Freediving Education System, one of the largest organizations worldwide. The core values of this education system focus on individual experience in the water with an emphasis on safety procedures. Whether this is your first time freediving or you simply want to improve on a set of skills or performance, Freedive Mallorca will ensure that you reach your goals in a fun and safe environment. .

  • Safety is our top priority
  • Max 3 students per instructor
  • Instructors dive down the line with each student
  • Focus on technique and relaxation
  • No depth requirements or written exam
  • Tailored to individual needs
Free diving in Mallorca


Freediver Course

(2 days – max. 20 meters)
New to the world of freediving? Embark on an unforgettable journey into the deep and discover your body’s underwater potential during this beginner course.

Discover Freediving Day

(1 day – max. 12 meters)
Don’t have 2 days to complete the full Freediver Course, or simply aren’t sure if freediving is for you? Get a small glimpse into the freediving world and learn the basics during this course.

Static Apnea Course

(1 day)
Learn how to hold your breath longer and stay relaxed in the water during this one day Apnea Breath-hold course. We guarantee a minimum 3 minute breath-hold!

Advance Freediver Course

(3 days – Max. depth 35 meters)
Want to go deeper for longer? Take the next step by joining us for the Advance Freediver Course and experience the thrilling sensation of sinking into the deep blue. This course includes the Static Apnea Course.

Master Freediver

(4 weeks)
Dive head first and completely immerse yourself into the world of Freediving. During this 4 week intensive course, master students will participate in multiple workshops and dry trainings tailored to their needs and goals. They will train daily, mastering the different disciplines of freediving under the guidance of the Master Instructor.

Free diving courses in Mallorca


Training Session
Come train with us in the beautiful waters surrounding the island of Mallorca. We guarantee a safe and fun training environment to all!

Coaching Session
Are you certified diver looking to improve on certain skills or simply want to reach new goals? If so, a coaching session is perfect for you!

Want to come explore the beautiful waters surrounding the island on Mallorca? Let us whisk you away to a magical underwater world as we take you to caves, tunnels and breathtaking spots to observe the marine life of the Mediterranean.

Free diving in Mallorca