TRY SCUBA – 1 dive

If you are new to scuba diving and just want to have a go, then TRY SCUBA is the course for you.

You will have a safe, shallow, supervised dive in the sea and experience the use of scuba diving equipment. You learn all the basics of safe scuba diving under the direct supervision of one of our trained and highly experienced instructors.

You work at your own pace. You can choose how much you want to do. Some people just want to put on the equipment and snorkle on the top of the water. Others will descend with their instructor to sit on the bottom and blow bubbles, or go for a supervised swim under the water.

You start with basic instruction and then it is off to one of our specially selected training sites, Punto De L’Avensada, Cala Carbo or The Bridge (see Dive Sites).

It’s a great way to find out if scuba diving is for you. We think you’ll love it.

Age: minimum 10 years old.
Maximum depth: 6m


This is where your adventure starts. Take your first breaths underwater and discover the thrill of scuba diving. You will be diving under direct supervision as you begin to gain the skills and experiences to become a certified diver.

The DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING course programme allows you to develop the skills and knowledge you need, and then experience an open water dive, all directly supervised at all times. What you learn can be credited towards PADI SCUBA DIVER or PADI OPEN WATER DIVER certification (if taken within 12 months).

This is where your love of life under water will begin.

Age: minimum age 10 years old
Maximum depth: 12m


If you have tried Scuba diving before and would like to take the next steps try the 2 dive Discover Scuba.

It gives you more opportunity to explore and experience the underwater world. With Dive 1 you learn a little of the basic skills, equipment and procedures building your confidence and becoming more comfortable with the underwater world. Having done this you can then explore a second dive site with more confidence and more of an adventure on Dive 2.

Age: minimum age 10 years old
Maximum depth: 12m