Why dive?

The chances are you have already decided to try diving, or maybe you are an experienced diver looking for your next adventure. If that is so, then you will already know the thrill of exploring underwater. The natural habitats, rock formations and marine wildlife create a unique under water world. Without the noise of life above the surface, you are free to fully absorb some of the most breathtaking sights that nature has to offer. There is always something new to appreciate; always a sense of adventure and exploration when diving.

If you are new to diving, then quite simply just try it. It is the single most sensual way to experience a different world without leaving our planet. So come and see what’s down there. It will change you for life, we guarantee it.

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Why Port de Pollenca?

The Bay of Pollenca is a fantastic place to dive. The waters are crystal clear, with little or no current. The summer temperature of the waters is usually between 25°C to 30°C, and it will still be above 20°C well into October. Our dive sites are easily accessible with abundant of sea life on offer.

The natural limestone of the island has been naturally eroded over thousands of years to provide a unique underwater landscape of caverns and caves, arches and tunnels, swim-throughs and hidden surprises.

Whilst the Mediterranean to the south and east may have been over-fished, or had its natural habitats destroyed by over-zealous developments and commercial activity, our bays and coastlines are still virtually unspoilt, giving you a unique window into another world.

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Why choose Scuba Mallorca?

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Our customers are like you. You might be new or experienced divers; you might be coming along on your own, with friends or as a family; you could be young or old. Whoever you are, and whatever dive experience you are looking for, we believe that you are entitled to some basics:

• You need to know what you are paying for, and what you get;
• You want to be looked after, and taught by fully qualified, experienced instructors;
• You want to be safe, and confident that all standards and guidelines are not just met, but are rigorously followed;
• If you get nervous, or a bit worried, you want people around you who are calm, and patient, and care about how you feel;
• You want your dives to be special, so you need guides and instructors who know the local waters;
• You want something that is right for you, so you might need some flexibility and not just some off-the-shelf package;
• You want to know that you matter, and that you are not just another visitor.

That’s what we have built our business on. That’s why our customers say they will recommend us to others, and why they come back again every year to dive with us.

When people say Scuba in Mallorca, they mean Scuba Mallorca.

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Shark Dive at Palma Aquarium

(Certified divers only)
We are now selling excursions to the aquarium in Palma, for diving with the sharks for the fantastic price is only €175. This includes entry in to the aquarium for you and a guest, and the cost of your dive (while your guest can take photos). After your dive, you may want to have something to eat, relax and visit the aquarium at your leisure after your dive. Transport to and from the aquarium is not included.