Once you have your Open Water Diver certification you can extend your learning and skills with the ADVANCED OPEN WATER and ADVENTURE course.
You’ll discuss with your instructor which dives to select. You must complete a Deep dive and an Underwater Navigation dive, and then choose three adventure dives, giving a total of five dives altogether.
If you do not have time to complete the full advanced course at one time PADI allows you to complete one advanced/adventure dive at a time. Not all PADI centres can offer the full range of PADI adventure dives because of local diving conditions.
Before you begin, you must have PADI OPEN WATER or PADI JUNIOR OPEN WATER Diver certification from any PADI diving organization, showing that you have completed a minimum of four open water dives.
Other things you need to know:
• Certification for PADI JUNIOR ADVENTURE diver is for divers aged 10 years and over, and is for 3 logged adventure dives. As a junior you must still dive with a certified adult.
• Certification for ADVENTURE Divers aged 12-14+, is for five logged adventure/advanced dives.
Age: minimum 10 years for ADVENTURE dives; minimum 12 years for all other dives except ENRICHED AIR, ; ENRICHED AIR DIVE minimum 15 years old
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In the PADI RESCUE DIVER course you learn how to recognise and anticipate diving problems before they become a problem. You will be taught rescue skills for yourself and other people and have a chance to put them into practice in organised scenarios. Divers who have completed this course tell us that the level of confidence and understanding they gain helps make scuba diving even more enjoyable.
To take part, you must successfully complete or have completed a sanctioned course in CPR and basic first aid within the last 24 months. This can be completed with the Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Course.
Other things you need to know:
• To participate in the rescue training in confined water only you must be a PADI Open Water Diver or the equivalent from another recognized diving organization with proof of a minimum of 4 open water training dives.
• To participate in the rescue training in open water and open water rescue scenarios you must be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or the equivalent from another recognized diving organization with proof in deep diving and underwater navigation and a minimum of 2 certifications and 20 logged dives
• As a PADI JUNIOR RESCUE DIVER, you must still dive with a certified adult.
Age PADI RESCUE DIVER: minimum 15 years old
Age PADI JUNIOR RESCUE DIVER: minimum 12 years old
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Emergency First Response training builds your confidence and willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency. You will learn simple-to-follow steps for emergency care.
The course is in two sections: EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE PRIMARY CARE (CPR) and SECONDARY CARE (FIRST AID). This is a course that is not just for divers, but can be of benefit for everyone.
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